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General Physiotherapy

Maximizing Movement and Function

Physiotherapy is an Allied Health Profession that can help with a wide variety of injuries, problems or conditions. Physiotherapy aims to empower patients through restoration of movement, maximisation of function and lifestyle changes. With physiotherapy, you can get back to where you were and go even further.

All of our patients are treated holistically. We base our treatment approaches on your goals and aim to include them meaningfully in all of our sessions.

Physiotherapy for Athletes

Improving Performance in Every Aspect

We also offer physiotherapy for athletes. In addition to the general physiotherapy, we are consistent in including components specific to your sports. We will tailor our treatments to best match your goals in sports and in life. World-class athlete or weekend-warrior? You are welcome to our clinic to improve your performance and prepare for special events or competitions!

We are passionate about helping sports-people to recover from injuries, engage with the rehabilitation and come back stronger than ever. Even if you are “just” looking to improve your current abilities and achieve more, we will be here to help you overcome the difficulties and help you achieve your goals.


Persistent Pain Rehabilitation

Regain Ownership of Your Life

If you have had long-term pain then it is easy to feel like your injury is not healing, or even getting worse. Pain generally makes exercise less appealing and encourages rest – neither of these which are helpful to recovering from pain. Good news is that we offer pain science informed physiotherapy!

This means that treatment is directed at re-training your pain system to be less protective, which generally involves learning about pain and increasing movement. Learning about your pain provides an explanation for why things have not improved, and generally gives you confidence to move more. Exercise not only helps to make your tissues stronger, but it can help your pain system to become less protective. Our treatment will help you to develop strong self-management skills and positive health behaviours toward recovery. Let's work toward meaningful goals and start achieving the things that matter.

Pre and Post-op Physiotherapy

Helping You To Get Back Stronger Than Ever

Are you planning to have a surgery soon, or just back from the hospital? We can help you to get back to your normal self as fast as possible! Research shows that doing some physiotherapy before and/or after surgery helps a lot with recovery. Doing some exercise will help you get out of the hospital faster, loose less muscle mass and reduce pain levels.


Why not make the most of it by coming to the clinic? We will help you get back to what you love, stronger than ever. No matter at what level you are, we will accompany you through the steps to recovery!

Strength and Conditioning

For Those Who Want More Out of Life

Strength is really important for your general health and everyone can benefit from strengthening, no matter the age, gender or level! Studies have shown that being stronger can help to live longer and have less health problems. Join us to learn all about the different ways to exercise, get fitter and stronger!


Strengthening does not necessarily mean bulking up, so don’t worry if you want to keep your current shape: you will still benefit from getting stronger! Everyone will benefit from a tailored exercise plan, we can help you reach your best self!

About Us

Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

At the Hyndland Physiotherapy Clinic, we offer high-quality and evidence-based treatments. Our team of highly skilled clinicians are continuously working hard to provide our patients with the best care possible, tailoring the treatments to fit their own specific goals. We aim to improve quality of life in all aspects and maximise function. Whether you have back pain, neck pain, work-related pain, shoulder problems, any other issues or just wanting to improve your performance, we will be here for you! 


In addition to the usual treatment rooms, we have an on-site gym facility. We are located in the centre of the West-End and have a wide range of opening hours. All of our physiotherapists are registered under the HCPC and CSP, meeting the legal requirements for practice. We are registered health providers to the following health insurance companies: BUPA, AXA PPP, WPA, CIGNA & AVIVA. You are in safe hands!

If you cannot come to see us, we can provide you with some domiciliary physiotherapy and bring our skills to your place, using some mobility programs and balance exercises.

Other Services

Podiatry with Nicola McGrath (HCPC registered)

Pilates​ with Kerry Stewart


Meet The Team

Our Team of Passionate Health Care Practitioners

Learn Everything About the Amazing Humans That Make Our Clinic - From Their Skills and Strengths to Their Passions


Senior Physiotherapist

The Hyndland Clinic was established by Gordon in 1999 to provide the local community with a high-quality resource. Gordon is dedicated to help as many people with back, neck, shoulder and other musculoskeletal problems as possible. His special interest is in sports-related problems, as he has worked in professional football. Gordon has a lot of experience with runners and has completed several marathons himself. Rugby is another sport which Gordon has an interest in and has experience in working with a local Glasgow team. His aim is not only to treat people but to help people self-manage their problems. Wherever possible he helps people to prevent recurrence of their problems through conditioning exercise and advice on ergonomics where appropriate. We have good links with local GP's who have provided us with many referrals. This works both ways as we often refer some cases to the GP to facilitate further investigations or onward referral if this is appropriate. Gordon aims to make sure people have a positive experience at our clinic.



Nathan is a recent graduate from GCU. He has a strong interest in the rehabilitation of chronic pain and is devoted to providing the best care possible to every patient. Throughout his undergraduate course, he has gained a wide variety of experience in musculoskeletal care and private clinics. His major strengths are based on his fantastic understanding of research and his passion about tailoring appointments into meaningful treatments.

When he is not busy treating patients or reading research, Nathan spends his time teaching Aikido (a Japanese martial art), dancing  salsa or going to the gym. His hobbies help him to understand the world of sports and to adapt treatments to suit athletes. He has also developed a good understanding of general strength and conditioning principles, ideal to help you reach your goals!


Neurological Physiotherapist

Kenny is part of the physiotherapists at NeuroPhysio Scotland which specialise in the treatment of neurological disorders that affect the brain or spinal cord such as StrokeSpinal Cord Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease. We provide treatment at home or in clinic and provide a plan that is specific to the needs of the individual. We also offer Rehabilitation Technology expertise and can provide the latest rehabilitation aids such as Saebo dynamic arm orthotics or Functional Electrical Stimulation devices. Use of these technologies can often enhance recovery or provide lasting solutions to physical problems. Our treatments can help people who have a neurological condition achieve their personal goals of maximum fitness, function and quality of life:

  • Mobility in walking, climbing stairs and physical transfers

  • Hand and arm movement such as grip strength, dexterity, eating and drinking

  • Balance and co-ordination to prevent falls

  • Stiffness and tightness in muscles

  • Pain control

For more details please email, visit or call 0141 255 0304


Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from an Initial Appointment?

During your first appointment, you will get the opportunity to share your story and we will set meaningful treatment goals together. We will undertake a general assessment, to establish where you sit at the moment and to further tailor our treatment plan. 

What to expect from a Follow-Up Treatment?

During your follow-up appointments, we will discuss how you are getting on and re-evaluate the treatment goals together. We will undertake a more precise assessment, to see how you have progressed and how we can modify the treatment to suit you better.

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